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About FC Tucson

FC Tucson was founded in 2010 by a local group of dedicated Tucsonans who wanted to elevate the sport and bring professional soccer to the City of Tucson. Since that time, FC Tucson has been responsible for helping put Tucson on the national stage by hosting the annual MLS pre-season training events as well as developing America's top players who have gone on to become US Men's National Team and MLS members. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of FC Tucson and the Club intends to enter the new decade with a commitment to showcasing top talent and bringing the community together in a whole new fashion. You can expect the Club to make investments in building a winning team on the pitch and hiring talented front office staff with the goal of enhancing the game day experience while forming a patchwork of community initiatives that are uniquely Tucson.


Shaping the future of the game in the United States and Canada, the United Soccer League (USL) – one of the most successful professional soccer organizations in the world – announced in 2017 it would launch a new third division - USL League One in Spring 2019, uniting passionate fans in new markets with the thrill of a proven professional soccer experience.

The USL has targeted U.S. communities ranging in population from 150,000 to one million – markets that represent more than 75 million people without access to a local professional soccer club. League One has focused on launching new clubs in markets that possess strong local ownership groups, populations with broad-based diversity, a vibrant millennial and strong family base, established corporate support, and stadiums to properly showcase the sport for fans, partners and the public.

League One will immediately benefit from several new USL initiatives, including USL Productions, the organization’s $10 million broadcast and content arm that was established in 2015 which features a cutting-edge broadcast and production facility in South Florida. League One will be operated with the same high level of sophistication and operational expertise that has built the USL Championship into a widely successful and respected league.

Based in Tampa, Fla., the USL supports its clubs through a dedicated staff of more than 50 executives in vital business areas including - Broadcasting, Sponsorship, Communications, Competition, League Operations, Merchandise Licensing, Team Services and more.

Through League One, the USL will continue to lead the future growth of the sport by cultivating and bonding local supporters through the ‘beautiful game’ for generations to come.

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