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Health, Safety, and Medical Protocols of the Club

The Ownership, Management, and Technical Staff of FC Tucson are committed to creating as safe of an environment as possible for the players and staff. The one thing we know is that the Coronavirus is novel and there's still much to figure out. The USL designated a task force of League One Club President's which includes FC Tucson's Club President, Amanda Powers. The task force is designed to apply the everchanging guidelines of the CDC and local health authorities while simultaneously addressing the unique industry-specific needs of a professional soccer club and spectator sports. 

The Health & Medical Protocols will continue to evolve week by week as we go on. For the most up to date information please go here,

Know the symptoms of Covid-19. Please Stay Home if You Experience the Following:

cough, or difficulty breathing

vomitting or diarrhea

fever or chills

recent Loss of smell and/or taste

muscle or body aches

FC Tucson Game Day Regulations to Battle Covid-19

Social distancing requirements at entry and concession lines

Social distanced seating and a reduced venue capacity

Hand-Sanitizing stations throughout the stadium

Increased cleaning/sanitizing before and after every home event

Clear Bag Policy will be strictly enforced to reduce security screening interactions

Face covering is required throughout Kino north Complex

Mobile ticketing only in 2021 and beyond

FC Tucson Game Day Operations Regulations 

  • Event Entry Covid Screening – FC Tucson Kino North Stadium entrance will have clear signage stating ‘No Entry Allowed If’  

    • If you are ill or have you experienced a fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, weakness or other covid symptoms. 

    • If you reside with someone who you know has been ill, had a fever, cough, shortness  of breath, sore throat or weakness within the last 14 days

    • Have tested positive for Coronavirus.  

  • Mandatory Face Coverings – Physical respiratory protection such as a cloth face covering will be required at all times when entering the Kino North Stadium Facility. Disposable face masks will be provided by anyone that does not have their own face mask or approved face covering.  

  • Physical Distancing – We will follow all Pima County Health Department protocols by managing a system of fans six feet (about two meters) to the person closest to them. A group system will be offered to support “work or roommate teams” in which people routinely work together or live together but keep their distance from others as much as feasible. FC Tucson will create additional seating options for groups, Box seating to comply with all covid guidelines. 

  • Hand Washing - Frequent hand washing with soap is vital to help combat the spread  of any virus. When a sink is available (and with the ample number of restrooms  around the stadium concourse they are readily available in most cases) employees,  vendors and approved guests should wash their hands for twenty seconds at least and dry thoroughly with a disposable towel or dryer.  

  • Hand Sanitizer – As a back-up, hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout  the arena – especially near high volume touch points (i.e. time clocks, high traffic door  handles, vending machines, etc). The sanitizer used contains at least 60% ethanol or  70% isopropanol. Employees, vendors and approved guests are expected to utilize  these dispensers as necessary.  

  • Gloves – Gloves are not a substitute for regular hand washing. Gloves made of vinyl  or similar non-absorbent material that allows fine motor functions without the  possibility of contaminating the wearer’s hands should be conducted when  interacting with any other person that has even a slight possibility of touch or when  passing one item to another person. This includes security at access points, when  handling food/beverage, tickets or any other item on which an infection could be  transmitted. Employees, vendors and approved guests will be trained on the proper  use of gloves, including proper disposal and hand washing.  



  • All tickets will be touchless and electronic with the rare exception of thermal printed tickets that will be issued for special circumstances. 

  • For the 2021 season, the FC Tucson mobile app will be integrated with a digital ticketing provider. App download instructions are available online at

Per the USL League One guidelines, FC Tucson conducts weekly COVID-19 tests for a covered persons group of 40. This includes all players, technical staff, and some select front office personnel. The USL gave each club within League One the autonomy to choose their testing partner so long as they could meet the League requirements.  FC Tucson decided to work with MicroGen DX because of their ability turn a COVID-19 test result around within 24-48 hours. Additionally, the saliva tests that MicroGen DX offers are far less intrusive than the nasopharyngeal swab. FC Tucson began it's weekly testing regimen in June and will continue through October until the final game of the season is played. For more information about MicroGen DX's COVID 19 tests please go here,

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